Felony Murder: The Grandson Apple Didn't Fall Far from the Grandfather Tree (A Hyde Out Inn Mystery)

Felony Murder: The Grandson Apple Didn't Fall Far from the Grandfather Tree (A Hyde Out Inn Mystery) Summary

Be Prepared to enjoy this well-crafted and entertaining novel, Felony Murder, the second in The Hyde Out Inn Mystery series. Felony Murder revives a character nobody at The Hyde Out Inn wanted to be revived. Like its predecessor, Hammering Nails, Felony Murder will keep you guessing as to where the hell is all of this going? Just as you begin to think that the mystery is solved, it starts all over again until it reaches its surprising conclusion.
Discover how Eddie G., a smart-ass, overly-educated barkeeper of The Hyde Out Inn and never-to-be courtroom lawyer, who hates the system and who refuses to practice in it, and his investigative team discover why this revived character’s grandson is hinky! This twist-after-twist story gives us the insight into how a defense team tries to derail a murder prosecution with four separate investigations of its own. The death of the Chicago Mayor plays no small part in this story. We even learn about Mexican marriage south-of-the-border and what their two last names convey. Then, the phenomenal closing argument given by Chicago’s go-to defense attorney leads us into the surprise ending to the story of what-goes-around, comes-around.
The Hyde Out Inn Mystery novels uncover a series of situations that seem to need the attention of Eddie G. Hating the system, however, doesn’t stop him from getting involved in it at almost every turn. You will meet a cast of characters whom you will love and want to meet again and again as Eddie and his cohorts move to make right right, whatever that may be. Follow the now dead, Charles, the 1930’s entrepreneur who started The Businesses and who was responsible for much of Eddie's education and current business status; John-John, Eddie's sorta brother, who started the whole first case cuz a newspaper article revived a forty-five year memory of a Chicago Capone-era gangster dead for the past forty-five years; Stosh the cop, , a decorated Chicago Homicide Detective of thirty years, a noir throwback to when homicide dicks looked as if they belonged in a B-movie, a good friend and a Hyde Out regular; Geri, the sexy-university-librarian, who seduced Eddie when she was almost twice his age, and continues her ways with him in the stacks; Officer Gilly, a beat cop, who knows the neighborhood and its characters even where and what they drink and the time they do it; Tribune John, who uses the local newspaper morgue to uncover the vital information necessary to bring the past into the present; English Dave, Eddie's major domo, who takes care of The Businesses' operations; Eddie's ma, who takes care of The Businesses' finances and paperwork; Jordan, who doesn’t stay a lesser character for long as she becomes Chicago's go-to defense attorney, and who also has her hand in other parts of Eddie's activities. Secondary characters are also forces to be reckoned with as they contribute to the ins-and-outs of the mysteries and The Hyde Out Inn. These characters and many more in the subsequent novels all contribute to making Ed Weiss’ The Hyde Out Inn Mystery series evolve into new and more exciting adventures than the ones which preceded it.
Books in the series: Hammering Nails Can Be Murder, Felony Murder, and the soon-to-be-published Sometimes the Innocent Pay. Then, The Droopy-Eyed Bank Robber, & Stosh the Cop's First Case. And a stand-alone novel, also soon-to-be published, What Happened to Jappy?

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