My First Murder

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Mavis Davis, a likable, new-to-the-job private investigator, not only has one of the wackiest office staffs in mystery fiction, but also goes about solving her first crime in her own, independent, highly interesting way.

When greasy-spoon cafe owner Carl Singleton shows up wanting to hire Mavis to solve the murder of one of his waitresses, Doris Jones, a woman with whom he has fallen in love, Mavis reluctantly takes the job especially when Carl confesses that all the other private investigators in Houston have turned him down. But, facts are facts, and Mavis has to face the fact that she has bills to pay that serving legal papers won't cover.

Though the Houston Police Department, including Mavis' boyfriend Sgt. Ben Sorensen, gets in her face and try to discourage her, Mavis dives head first into the case. What she learns is, there is scandal deep in the heart of Texas. She only hopes she can uncover it before it's too late for her.

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Babs LaBouche

My First Murder4 star

Well written - copywrite 1989 so it was kinda fun to read retro45

ed 3.1624

My First Murder5 star

Good fun! Great plot and interesting characters.55


Intriguing New Series5 star

Some books capture you from the beginning and you find yourself caught up in the story to the exclusion of everyday life. My First Murder kept me reading when I should have been attending to responsibilities and plans, and I’m not one bit sorry! The author has an easy, engaging style and as Mavis Davis tells the story of her first case as an investigator, I was intrigued by the murdered waitress and the boss, who loved her and is determined to find the truth. The victim was obviously well educated and seemingly hiding from someone or something. As Mavis begins to piece together the evidence, she finds herself being threatened and admonished to mind her own business. The danger escalates and it is soon apparent that there is more to this case than anyone could have foreseen. However, she is determined to find the answers and demonstrate that starting her own business is the right move, if only she manages to stay alive long enough. The plot was clever, the characters well drawn and the mystery full of twists and turns, with amusing touches of humor and even a love interest for our heroine. I look forward to reading the further adventures of Mavis Davis.55


Ghjyn4 star

Glood book enjoyed it45

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