Quickly In and Quickly Out

Quickly In and Quickly Out Summary

Quickly in and quickly out. That was the plan. It had been over an hour.

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Excellent story... LONGER PLEASE!!!4 star

I loved the excitement and suspense i got from this story. But thats the problem: IT MADE ME WANT TO READ MORE!!!! I wish this book was longer!!! I want to know what happened!!! With all due respect: HORRIBLE ENDING :345


???3 star

Left me guessing. Great start but then the ending leaves you guessing.35


Write more5 star

I was reading your book then it just stopped. Tell me more55


My heart skipped a beat5 star

I really enjoy reading your stories!55


Interesting story4 star

Interesting theme to the book. I would have continued to read the rest if available45


Suspense!5 star

I love this short story. The suspense reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock movies: he was always able to keep you on the edge of your seat and in fear without the gore surrounding most horror films. I hope you are writing a full novel as I write this review. Creepy!55


Amazing5 star

Great! But please write a sequel55


Where is the rest?!1 star

I thought this might be a short story and might be a nice quick read, but it leaves you hanging! No middle or end just a prologue.15


Hmmm3 star

The book was great! Until the ending... Hmmm, hoping for a great ending, it was just left open35


Yesss5 star

This book is awesome........!55

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