Severance Summary

When does the cost of staying silent become greater than the price of speaking up? A desperate woman risks everything to expose the sinister company at the heart of Severance, the thrilling Apple Original series from director and executive producer Ben Stiller and creator Dan Erickson, now streaming on Apple TV+, about a daring experiment in “work-life balance.”

From the minds behind the series, this is the story of Lumon Industries employee Margaret “Peg” Kincaid. When Peg gets hired at Lumon, she undergoes Severance, a surgical procedure pitched by the company as an effortless way to separate her personal and work lives. Everyone has their reasons for wanting the easy solution Severance promises, but when Peg realizes that not all is as it seems at the company, she uncovers a reality that’s far worse than the problems she wanted to escape.

At the heart of this story, Peg’s shocking confession reveals the darkest side of corporate America. It raises a chilling question: How far will Lumon Industries go to protect its secrets?

Available for free, and exclusively on Apple Books.

Book Reviews

Dr. Strangelove!

Minimal World Building3 star

There isn’t much in the way of world building. It’s interesting to see some of the training materials from the show, but if you’re looking for more world building there is barely anything here worth getting excited about. This is merely a campion piece.35


Interesting read5 star

After finishing season one of the show and wanting more, this is a very interesting read that provides some additional insights about Lumon and the life of the “innies.” A quick read, highly recommended if you enjoyed the show!55


Good book5 star

This book is very relatable to everyday life; feeling the need to separate personal life and work life, never really wanting the two to crossover. This company is secret creepy like many companies I’ve worked for lol. This great source material for the TV show. Yep, your bosses are always watching.55

thomas kent

Very creepy5 star

It’s crazy to see the handbook in this. It’s almost as if you have decided to take the program yourself. Very creepy to think that there is a company out there right now working on brain implants and I could see something like this being given to those who take neuro link in the future. Some will be for it, some against it. Politicians will fight for and against it and eventually it will be taboo not to have one. Couldn’t be closer to what is happening. The show is well made and the actors are amazing. Didn’t realize Ben Stiller directed and is a producer.55

trombone the sad

escapism5 star

Love it. Entertainibg as the Office fandom extras we got from NBC way back in the early 2000s, but this time with a sprinkle of dread. Five stars to the design team. Any Gen X who grew up with the remnants of 60s equipment and manuals hanging around corporate spaces knows. The surfaces, the textures, crisp brutal indestructibility. Perfect. Oh also, the Kier worship stuff has the IBM song that used to be standard on old computers infringing on my memories lol and echoes of that type of separated work culture we used to be able to have before wfh. I love this show.55


Entertaining Advertising5 star

It was short, entertaining advertising for the show on Apple TV. I appreciated that it was a different story and didn’t mention any characters from the show.55


Get a life1 star

Get a life15


the keys to the kingdom5 star

i read the manual after watching severance but now i must to back and rewatch with the knowledge the book provides. should be interesting!55


1984 crosses path with The Handmaiden5 star

Finished in one sitting. Worth reading even if you haven’t seen series which you will WANT to see at that end point.55


I must read for all Innies and an eye-opener for the Outies!5 star

If you enjoy Severance, you’ll love a bit of backstory.55

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