Silent Crime

Silent Crime Summary

The pension is earned, and it's time to retire.

Time to leave the darkness behind and make bribery and corruption a part of the past.

No more trying like hell to keep his nose clean.

Detective Jake Thomas is done.

Or is he?

Moments before he walks out, his chief assigns him one last job.

Just a simple assignment to show his replacement the ropes.

But it's never that easy.

When one of the city's prosecutors is brutally killed, followed by the murder of a crooked cop, Jake and the rookie discover a new serial killer is on the rise.

It's up to them to find the bastard before someone else ends up playing the Hangman's deadly game.

And the evidence is stacking up—one letter at a time.

Book Reviews


Page turner!5 star

Just finished the first book started the second immediately after with the box set. Very good series.55


Story was not completed2 star

Story did not finish at all - have to buy the 2nd book to get the ending.25


Silent crime3 star

This is a continued u don’t solve the whodunit at the end, which is just crap. There are spots where it seems a word or words are missing. The story has good qualities but procedures are slack so they seem to be bouncing from murder to murder.35

Aydan Palacios

I don’t read and I love this book5 star

I saw his book for free and they caught my eye and I finished it in one day and I think I’m going blind but this is a very good book for muti I have to read action. And there are 6 BOOKS55

Clean romancer

Silent crime3 star

Was really good until I reached the “end” and saw “to be continued “. Not what I signed up for.35


Silent Crime4 star

Really liked the book. Can’t wait to read on. Didn’t notice some typos so you might want to check on that. Thank you!45


Not a complete. book1 star

Very disappointing, book has no ending you are referred to book 2. Will never try this author again.15


Silent Crime3 star

Great characters, gruesome serial killer, well thought out plot. So why the low rating? The book leaves you hanging (no pun intended), and not in a good way...more like buying the next book gets you the end of book 1. I thought that went out of style a while back. Won’t be buying any more of W L Knightly’s books.35


Nope1 star



Silent crime5 star

A mystery with great characters a budding romance and a criminal with revenge on his mind55

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