The Desecration of All Saints

The Desecration of All Saints Summary

A slumping detective is hired to investigate the most powerful man in his city - the priest. 

★★★★★ "I've read seven of his books in the last ten days." - Amazon Review
★★★★★ "A delicate subject matter, expertly done." - Amazon Review

Mackenzie August is a private detective and he's in a rut. His is a feast-or-famine profession, and seasons of mundane work are wearing him down. What he needs is a stimulating case...

Two men come to Mackenzie in secret and request his services. The leader of their church is a venerable and nationally celebrated priest, yet rumors circulate that all is not as it seems. A young clergyman, recently hired, alleges the man is really a villain in disguise. Who can be trusted, the newcomer or the respected priest?

Mackenzie is charged with discovering who is telling the truth and who is lying, and do it before the public catches wind. What he discovers, however, is far worse than anyone could've guessed...

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Book Reviews


Excellent5 star

Very original, witty, doesn’t get into sexual gutter, main character has realistic standards and doesn’t lower his values for a story in a novel. Very refreshing and attractive in the lead character.55


My New Favorite Author5 star

Love the Mackenzie Series! More please!55


Detective fiction4 star

Well written with excellent vocabulary, I had to look several words up along the way! That is good in my book, rarely occurs.45

2 Bad Kitties

5 stars twice!!!5 star

The Desecration of All Saints is my new favorite book. Read it over 2 days… page turner, intense, AND laugh out loud. How many writers can do that? Please make the books available on all platforms. I’m so looking forward to reading another.55


The Desecration of All Saints5 star

Kept me up reading to find out what would happen next.55


Now I know …1 star

He’s trying to out-Spenser Robert B. Parker’s Spenser, and it falls flat. Now I know why it is a free download. Ugh!!!15

Magic Mema

The Desegregation of All Saints5 star

This was a very compelling story! Could not put it down!55


Hard to put down5 star

Very interesting writing style. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Great storyline. Timely in these current situations.55


Gripping read5 star

Do not start this book late in the day, else you will find yourself awake all night, anxious to find out what happens.55


Excellent characters, plot, and prose.5 star

This book was too short. It was that good. The dialogue is fantastic. Think 21 st century Hawthorne. There are a lot of words, many of them good.55

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