The Drive-By Wife: A Dark Tale of Blackmail and Romantic Obsession - Book 1

The Drive-By Wife: A Dark Tale of Blackmail and Romantic Obsession - Book 1 Summary

Readers of Sidney Sheldon, Danielle Steel, James Patterson and Nora Roberts will enjoy this explosive psychological thriller. Allen and Cynthia Hunt are an upper middle-class San Francisco couple who find themselves on a deserted hiking trail at the wrong time. A momentary lapse in judgement plunges them both into an endless nightmare that threatens to destroy not only their marriage, but their very lives.

From Rabid Readers Reviews:
The Drive-By Wife is a wonderful psychological thriller in the vein of "Cape Fear" and "Misery." If you like Stephen King, Dennis Lehane and Gillian Flynn, you will like Mike Wells.

"This book is a gripping, absorbing and disturbing portrayal of domestic strife leading to a violent nightmare." - Emma Hunneyball, Book Reviewers (UK)

"Excellent character development, plot line is through-the-roof original, and the whole premise is marvelously bizarre and intimidating." - The Word Verve, Alpharetta, GA (USA)

"If you are into psychological crime thrillers grab this book." - Reviewer CristiAk, Juneau, Alaska

"I have read most of the great thrillers and this is right at the top with them. Wells does not disappoint." Sheena Jennings, Butte, Montana (USA)

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The drive by wife1 star

Story doesn’t end, I hate when that happens. They should tell you at the beginning that you’ll have to purchase another book to finish the story.15


Awesome!5 star

Another great read of Mike Wells! Thank you!55

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Marital bliss3 star

The book was fine, kind of dragged on a lot. Please note somebody doesn’t know the decimal system for the chapter numbers. Whole numbers would have done better.35


Not bad3 star

This book was okay. I would have preferred knowing what happened, but I can imagine it. The wife, Cynthia, didn't ask the questions I would have asked, but then, neither did the husband.35

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