The Girl From Paradise Hill

The Girl From Paradise Hill Summary

Tess returns home to bury her father but what she finds buried in his attic makes her question everything she thought she knew about the mild-mannered trucker…


The seemingly idyllic mountain town harbors a dark secret: four young girls have disappeared over a forty-year period. With no crime scenes, no leads and no suspects, the cases have gone cold.

Until today.

The remains of one missing girl are discovered in a burned-out cabin at a remote campsite, reopening the case and suggesting the worst may be true – a ruthless child killer is operating in Washington State.


Crime reporter and amateur cyber-sleuth Tess is obsessed with the cold cases of missing girls in Washington State. As she works to settle her father's estate, she's shaken to her core when she uncovers evidence pointing to his involvement. 


On leave after solving a particularly heartbreaking case of child abduction and murder for the FBI's Violent Crimes Against Children Task Force, Michael is back in Paradise Hill to recover and visit with family. Despite doctor's orders to stay clear of police work, Michael's drawn back in when Tess asks for his help understanding the secrets found in her father's attic.


Having escaped justice for decades, he's bored and deliberately stirs the pot, revealing the body of one of the dead girls. Despite the fact he's hiding in plain sight, no one suspects that he's really a wolf and not the sheep he pretends to be. He sees Tess and Michael's involvement in the case as a challenge and views Tess as a temptation he can't resist.


For Tess and Michael, the cases are personal: Tess's best friend in public school, Lisa Tate, was one of the missing girls from Paradise Hill. Michael was babysitting the night little Lisa vanished. The guilt they harbor over their role in her disappearance drives them both. 

Desperate for answers, Tess and Michael join forces to track a killer and uncover the secrets Tess finds in her father's attic. Will the answers bring Tess peace or shatter her?

THE GIRL FROM PARADISE HILL is book one in the McClintock-Carter Crime Thriller Trilogy.

Book Two: The Girl Who Cried Too Much and Book Three: The Only Girl Left Alive follow journalist Tess McClintock and FBI Special Agent Michael Carter as they try to solve old cold cases and stop a serial killer who has escaped justice for decades.

Book Reviews


Absolutely Amazing!5 star

AMAZING! I couldn’t put it down! Excited to read the next one!55


Draws you in5 star

I loved this book. I couldn’t put it down. Bought the series...without hesitation.55


The Girl From Paradise Hill5 star

I loved this book. Definitely an eye grabber, I couldn’t stop turning the pages.55


TO BE CONTINUED......5 star

Too bad the book didn’t actually come to a conclusion, the reader has to buy additional books to get the full story. Overall a good read, different perspectives as seen from the different characters, including the unknown killer’s, with some side twists going on. Also there seems to be a growing connection between the main characters but isn’t written in as the typical immediate lusty sexual encounters and tension, so much more refreshing that way. Just didn’t like the unfinished ending.55


Awesome5 star

I had a very difficult time putting this book down. Great thriller. Can’t wait to read the next book in this series.55


The girl from paradise hill5 star

Great story! Lund is a gifted writer.55


Good read4 star



The Girl from Paradise Hill5 star

Really enjoyed the book and the story line. The book moved fast and characters where well rounded. Thanks k55


The Girl From Paradise Hill5 star

Kept me intrigued! I read a lot of crime novels and I really enjoyed this one. I will definitely read the other two books to see what happens.55


Would be 5 stars if not for no ending1 star

Loved the first book but why string out the story thru 3 books when we already know the killer after the first one? Not buying the other two. Disappointed15

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