The Hellfire Legacy -The Call

The Hellfire Legacy -The Call Summary

Season 1, Episode 1 of 10. The Call - The Hellfire Legacy "An edge-of-your-seat Saturday matinee"
A Bitesize 1-hour Read.
...Marine Sergeant Ethan Gill is a hero — the real thing. A battle-hardened veteran of wars across the globe, with a sense of humour that would cut glass.

He’d retired to the ‘good life’ but now he’s working with the FBI – there will be trouble!

When terrorists start killing US generals, SecNav recalls him to duty. To the toughest and most perilous mission of his life.

And this one on American soil. But anything is better than being back in the world with no real purpose.

In peacetime, as in war, every victory has its price. And every conflict a hero.

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The hellfire legacy1 star

Could be a good story. HATE the format of breaking up a story and having to buy another to continue the story.15


Continuity3 star

The second General killed is in the Air Force, but then he is an Army General. Oh well.35

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