The Innocence of Father Brown

The Innocence of Father Brown Summary

Father Brown is a short, unpresuming, non-descript Catholic priest who has a knack for being present at mysterious murders and thefts. As a priest, he has heard a lot of confessions, so that his innocence is only on the surface. His understanding of the psychological and spiritual nature of Man, coupled with his keen observation and deductive reasoning enables him to solve the most mysterious of crimes.

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Lighthearted, yet grim4 star

The pensive pope leads a curious life worth reading about. From beautifully described vistas to hazy clues of a murder scene, GKC’s witty and unorthodox ways are a breath of fresh air.45


Father Brown Mysteries2 star

I'd rather watch it on PBS! Too difficult for me to read.25


The innocence of father brown5 star

Collection of clever stories55


Wonderful, but much too short!4 star

My introduction to Father Brown came from the wonderfully entertaining television adaptation of the character with stories based loosely on the originals. Now that I've read these originals, I can more fully enjoy the tv series. My only complaint with Chesterton's tales are that they are far too short to more fully develop for us the character of Father Brown. Is the somewhat vague background of the tv version true to the original? Where did he come from, how old is he? Does he have family? What in his background prepared him to be so adept at solving these mysteries? Maybe these questions are answered in the stories contains in future volumes.45


The Innocence of Father Brown5 star

G. K. Chesterton has a new convert. What a great batch of short stories about the timid yet astute Father Brown and criminal-turned-detective Flambeau! Bravo.55

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