The Last Chance Lawyer

The Last Chance Lawyer Summary

Getting his client off death row could save his career… or make him the next victim. 

Daniel Pike would rather fight for justice than follow the rules. His unique ability to "connect the dots," to observe what others do not, has made him the most notorious criminal lawyer in St. Petersburg. But when his courtroom career goes up in smoke, he fears his lifelong purpose is a lost cause. A mysterious job offer from a secretive boss gives him a second chance but lands him an impossible case with multiple lives at stake…

To protect a young orphan from a horrifying fate, Pike must save the girl's guardian from a charge of first-degree murder. Dan uses every trick he knows in a high-stakes trial filled with unexpected revelations and breathtaking surprises as he uncovers a trail of deceit from Florida to El Salvador. When blood-soaked threats arrive, Dan realizes that winning the case might be a death sentence for him—and everyone he hoped to protect.

Can Pike protect the girl and get the charges dropped before his race for the truth proves fatal?

The Last Chance Lawyeris a gripping legal thriller. If you like courtroom suspense, page-turning plot twists, and rebel attorneys, then you'll love William Bernhardt's riveting drama.

Book Reviews


The Last Chance Lawyer1 star

Too political!15


Legal thriller4 star

I don’t like attorneys but this story made me feel slightly different about them. The protagonist will do everything necessary to protect his clients from the courts determined to break them. I hope it is not really like this but fear it likely is for those not white, male, and monied! If so I want this dude on my side!45

Pdx Nana

Last Chance Lawyers5 star

Interesting characters, good story.55

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