The Mysterious Affair at Styles

The Mysterious Affair at Styles Summary

The Mysterious Affair at Styles is a detective novel by Agatha Christie. It was written in the middle of World War I, in 1916, and first published by John Lane in the United States in October 1920 and in the United Kingdom by The Bodley Head (John Lane's UK company) on 21 January 1921. The U.S. edition retailed at US$2.00 and the UK edition at seven shillings and sixpence (7/6).
Styles was Christie's first published novel, introducing Hercule Poirot, Inspector (later, Chief Inspector) Japp, and Arthur Hastings (Lieutenant and later, Captain). Poirot is described as "a dear little man", "an extraordinary looking little man" and a "quaint dandyfied little man".
The story is told in first person by Hastings and features many of the elements that have become icons of the Golden Age of Detective Fiction, largely due to Christie's influence. It is set in a large, isolated country manor. There are a half-dozen suspects, most of whom are hiding facts about themselves. The book includes maps of the house, the murder scene, and a drawing of a fragment of a will, as well as a number of red herrings and surprise plot twists.

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Captivating mystery & page turner5 star

My family all rejoiced when I finally finished this book so they didn’t have to listen to me try to guess the killer and motive every 10 minutes. This book was so well written and I couldn’t wait to read what happened next!!!55


Anti semitic characterization1 star

I find it’s anti-semitism offensive.15

Rosa Elis

Amazing Mystery5 star

I absolutely loved it! It keeps you guessing up until the very end and is never at all dull. I finished it in a couple of days and immediately started another one, Agatha Christie’s writing is phenomenal!55

Arain M.

Fantastic5 star

Started this book on Wednesday and finished it today. I love Agatha Christie books, and this one is no different. Great plot that kept me hooked, with a twisted ending. Definitely recommend.55


Excellent mystery novel5 star

Agatha Christie’s mystery novels are perfect. They are intricate and complex, but always with enough information given that the very astute reader can solve the mystery oneself, or at least will feel that they haven’t been left in the dark as a passive observer.55

Asura de Noir

Amazing5 star

A thrilling, heart stopping breath taking book.....strongly recommend55

Toroid 1

Mysterious Affair at Styles5 star

Superb story telling and plot. Enough clues to boggle your mind in a most delightful way. Beautifully written. It does contain some religious and racial slurs which were only too prevalent in her day (and continue on today). However, an excellent read.55


The Mysterious Affair at Styles5 star

Great book! Love! Love Agatha Christie's books.55


Affairs at styles4 star

Good reading45


Perfection!5 star

Hercule Poirot is the best! Agatha Christie, I wish you were alive to make more of this! You are my favorite author!55

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