The Secret Agent

The Secret Agent Summary

The story is set in London in 1886 and deals largely with the life of Mr. Verloc and his job as a spy. The novel deals broadly with the notions of anarchism, espionage, and terrorism.

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A Classic Worth Reading5 star

I waited years to read this. I read ‘The Heart of Darkness’ twice finding it profound. I think ‘The Secret Agent, A simple tale’ equal to ‘Darkness’ and germane for our time. 09/01/2021.55

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Amzing4 star

Its good but very once and a while you go off topic or makes no since to me. All and all i love it; its a good story so far.45


What's the point?1 star

Ok so it's artfully written and brilliantly descriptive - The Secret Agent is also a page turner as it progresses. If your goal is to have your sense of compassion vigorously exercised only to see its objects mercilessly offed by the author while the bad guys go their merry way - this book is for you. For me I want my wasted time back. And talk about a pointless subplot with the Police. Wuthering Heights was more life-affirming than this nihilistic wasteland.15

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