The Mean Girl Who Never Speaks

The Mean Girl Who Never Speaks Summary

Mya is investigating Libby, the new girl at school. Libby won’t speak, smile or play with anyone. The Children's Police Force thinks she is mean, but they need proof.
Finding proof is Mya’s job. It won’t be easy. Libby isn’t just mean, she is sneaky, too. When Mya talks to her, Libby fake cries in class. Now Libby has a teacher on her side. Who will she trick next?
To solve the case, Mya must prove that Libby is mean and warn everyone. Can she stop Libby before it’s too late? Or will this mean girl take over the school?
This book is written in British English. The story is also available in the Detective Mya Dove 3 Book Collection and the Detective Mya Dove 5 Book Collection.

Book Reviews

*HI* *IT'S* *ME*

Really Good5 star

I like this because she really hopes to eat grapes so since her boss said she was mean she just wanted to tell her that she was mean so she almost told her but then she figured out that she was being mean to Libby more than she was not talking, and at the end she figured out that she just had social anxiety, but when she told her boss that she wasn’t mean she didn’t get the grapes that she promised her but,she got a super squishy little grape.55


awesome book for middle school kids5 star

Mya is a fabulous middle-grade student who is now a detective. She is working on her first case and it is a stumper! This is a really wonderful book that middle-grade students love - I know because I told my class about the story and they want this whole series in their library so they can read it. I am rooting for them to get these books to spread all over the school! I loved this book. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.55

NoNo K.

Amazing5 star

This made me cry because my sister is autistic and has social anxiety so this book shows her that people can understand what she is going through.55


This book is very strange.2 star

I found this books when I looked up free books on the store because I was bored. I saw this, and I decided I needed to read it. So I did. There were some aspects of the story I didn’t get, like why the were all acting like this even though they’re all around 6. The writing was good, and interesting even some times. Others, it was very weird. In the beginning, Mya goes to the toilet, and starts talking a lot about poo. Why? Why would someone write this? There was a lot of other stars he parts, the entire plot was strange honestly. But, it doesn’t make it a terrible book. I would actually recommend reading it, just because it’s so bizarre. Happy reading! -wisty25

Owlover 10

This is Awesome4 star

I love that it talks about social anxiety, because I have a friend that has it and I love that it says people need to be patient with people that have social anxiety. I give this book a 5 star rating because it’s BEAUTIFUL! 😍45


Too boring1 star

All I can say is TOO BORING(and short)15

book lovvvverrrr

Awesome5 star

Great book everyone should read. Awesome author. It was a quick read for me but still, like I couldn’t stop reading it “ a page turner” you can call it. Marvelous book!!!55


It's a good book to read when your bored4 star

It's a very interesting book I give it⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅45


Great5 star

I loved this book so much! It helped me realized that like Libby, I shouldn’t be ashamed of being really shy or not wanting to talk at school.55


Amazing!5 star

It's like cam Jansen or big Nate, except a lot funnier, more innocent, and well written! Absolutely fantastic!55

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