Our Wild Planet

Our Wild Planet Summary

Our planet is wild. We want to keep it wild. This collection of incredible wildlife photography comes to you straight from the Project Noah community.

Every day on Project Noah, people from around the world are sharing their nature encounters, helping each other identify species, collecting data for ongoing research, and working together to help bring awareness to ecosystems across the globe. We released this iBook to celebrate our planet's incredible biodiversity and inspire even more people to get involved.

We hope you enjoy this collection of beautiful photos and we hope you will join us on our important journey. Our wild planet needs us now more than ever.

Book Reviews


Well curated!5 star

Glad to see Project Noah comes this far, remind me the magazine from Hipstamatic. User contributed resources can always surprise us. The photos in this book are adorable! Can't wait to see the next issue!55


Project Noah Rocks!!! and this book is no exception5 star

Project Noah is a fabulous program for so many reasons, and this book is no exception. The beauty and grace in nature is presented here in a breathtaking package. I think that Project Noah is to our environment and education in the modern age as National Geographic was to the color print generation before it. Not since National Geographic has a project harnessed the ingenuity of the day to present to people so many things in nature that would otherwise be inaccessible. With this book and Project Noah, one person with a camera can show the masses a delicate creature in a fragile eco-system - with minimal disturbance to the creature and ecosystem itself. The leaders at Project Noah have done it again - home run!55

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