The Seed Story

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The Seed Story is an enchanting story of a seed looking for somewhere to grow.  Follow along as the seed rolls from place to place, looking for the right environment to grow.  Written and illustrated by Michael Murray, the story is perfect for small children.  Teaching such lessons as finding one’s place in the world and discovering your purpose.  A great book to read at bedtime, and in fact, this was the story the author so often told his son as he was falling asleep.

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Instant Classic!5 star

This is an instant classic! Every parent should read this story with their child. The story is simple, yet profound for young readers looking to find their own place to grow. This book should be published outside of digital editions, with it's fantastic and artistic illustrations!55

Mooon Girl

Absolutely darling5 star

I just finished reading this darling little story. This is one you tell your children, your grandchildren and hopefully your great grandchildren. It's about a little rock trying to find his place in the wide wide world. In a very real sense, your little one is also trying to find his/her place in this world. Great story telling. Down to Earth illustrating. Back to basics type of book reminiscent to when I was growing up. I can't wait to share this one with my family and friends.55

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