Twelve Birds and Their Songs

Twelve Birds and Their Songs Summary

A free sampler from The Music of Nature (, featuring twelve birds and their songs: American Robin, Mourning Dove, Summer Tanager, Wood Thrush, Blue Jay, Northern Flicker, Indigo Bunting, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Barred Owl, Wild Turkey, White-throated Sparrow, and Common Loon.

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Twelve Birds and Their Calls1 star

Bird songs do not play.15

FartHole Idk

Fine4 star

Ok it's not the best but it's good45

Dogs from heaven 😇

Sounds5 star

They said in the book they would play the sounds but they lied, and I have my volume all the way up.55


About this book5 star

This book sets good examples for kids, so do you know what books do not set good examples, if you don't know it is because you are not allowed to read the book so this one is for kids. Believe me this is a good book for kids!55


Ms.4 star

I was hoping to actually hearing the songs from the birds but no luck. So this rating is for the beautiful pictures.45


Beautiful pictures3 star

The pictures are beautiful, however the sound does not work . I was disappointed that I couldn't play the bird songs.35


Very disappointing1 star

This book was horrible!!! I gave on star just to be nice.! Soooooo boring! Sorry who ever wrote this book, but I just want to tell the truth.15

Aunt Nan 88888

Songbirds3 star

Nice photos but I can't hear them. It's a little disappointing.35


No Sound3 star

Beautiful pictures of the birds featured in the book. But I was very disappointed that no bird songs played when I tapped the speaker sign. :-(35


No songs!!!2 star

I love the book but all of a sudden, I have no songs! I downloaded this book in 2012 and played the songs a lot! Several weeks ago, I opened book only to "no songs"!!!!!! I am still having no luck in getting the bird songs!!! Can you please tell me what is wrong??? This happened after all theses IOS software versions kept coming up to download!! I wish I had not downloaded the versions!!! I think they stink!!!!25

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