Fable of Happiness

Fable of Happiness Summary

It’s the start of something huge.

From New York Times Bestseling Author, Pepper Winters, come a new Dark Romance full of decadence, darkness, and monstrous heroes.

A house hidden in the middle of nowhere.
A man who’s lived alone for a decade.
A woman who trespasses on his solitude.
A love full of hate as well as hunger.

The thing about my life is…I was never in control of it.
I just thought I was.
I thought I had everything figured out—a good career, fun hobbies, a bright future,  but everything changed when I found an ivy-cloaked house, tucked in a forgotten valley, hiding a man who corrupted my world forever.
I thought I was successful, until he showed me fortune and happiness could be snatched away in an instant.
I believed I was blessed, but really, I was cursed.
Cursed to become a plaything for a monster.
Cursed to become a prisoner just because I trespassed.
Now, I know nothing.
I am nothing.
I’m just his.

Please note this is a dark romance and not suitable for people who have triggers. Content included can be hard to read and only recommended for people who like dark romance.

“If you haven’t read anything by this author, and you’re a lover of top notch dark romance with a capital D wait no longer and pick this up!” -Greedy Thirst For Forbidden

“The level of steam and angst pouring out of these pages. OMG” -Ash Chases Romance

“I highly recommend this book. Lovers of the dark side will love it!” -Lina’s Reviews

“OMG, you’ll be hooked right from the start!” -Avephoenix

Book Reviews


Hard to read3 star

This book has dark and grotesque themes and elements that are possible triggers to people. It was hard for me to stomach a lot of it. Written well, but subject matter is a lot to take in.35

rock-fan mama

Not just dark but STUPID1 star

Hard pass15


Fable of Happiness4 star

Wow. Not what I was expecting AT ALL. Despite the cliffhanger (literally) I enjoyed this oddly erotic, lost in the woods story.45


Promising start!4 star

This is the first book in trilogy following Gemma and Kassen. Gemma, a sucesseful rock climber, got lost while searching for her next rock to conquier, and accidentally winds up in front of a long forgotten and hidden mansion in the middle of nothing. Kassen has lived by himself for over a decade, and when Gemma stumbles upon his property he takes her as his prisoner. Gemma is prepared to do anything to survive and escape, but Kassen is determined to keep Fable and its secrets hidden from the world. The book started a bit slower, what with world building and setting up characters before they finally crossed paths. I absolutely loved the plot and can’t wait to find out more about Fable and Kassen’s past. But I have to say I struggled with characters. They both frustrated me to no end and I didn’t feel much chemistry between them. Gemma, who is supposed to be this super responsible professional rock climber made so many stupid decisions even before she stumbled upon a mansion and Kass. And it only got worse from there! Kass also had his annoying moments but he was also intriguing. We get a couple of flashbacks of Kassen’s past and I can’t wait to find out more! His past is dark, but it wasn’t too detailed. Still, be mindful of triggers. Despite not really liking main characters, the story was so addictive! I decoured it in one sitting! It ends on a shocking cliffhanger and I can’t wait for the next book!45


Cliffhanger literally4 star

Two commanding characters but quite the fantasy. I did not realize until end of the book that it was 1 in a series. Quite disappointing.45


Worst romance ever!1 star

This book made me, not only want to quit reading romance novels, but it also made me want to be celibate forever. I hate rape fantasies! They are disgusting and mock the pain the victims go through. Don’t read this book! I like stories about people overcoming abuse but in this story the abuse is just perpetuated in a sick, twisted circle. No one gets better, no one heals, and there isn’t a shred of happiness despite what the title says. Worst romance ever!!!15


KaCee5 star

OMG What twisted suspense Kudos55


Eh2 star

Honestly, I couldn't wait for this book to be over. The most compelling parts are when you get to learn more about Kassen, but that's about it. The romance and dialogue are really predictable and generic. I was hoping to like this book but it just wasn't there.25


Fable Of Happiness5 star

Wow and so good, I can’t wait to read the rest in the series. Hats off to Pepper Winters again.55


You will NOT put it down5 star

August, 3rd cannot come soon enough! This is a different kind of alpha, one that tugs at your heartstrings. This damsel takes distress and turns it on its head! Winters continues to amaze me with such poignant character revelation and storylines. Rereading now!55

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