His Best Friend's Little Sister

His Best Friend's Little Sister Summary

She’s my best friend’s little sister with a body made for sin.
I’m a big, burly ex-soldier that shouldn’t even give her a second glance.

She’s a decade younger than me and seductive without trying. I’m struggling through burnout and hiding out from the entire world.

When we both hide out at the same cabin far away from everyone else, a mutual attraction blooms between us.

I know it’s wrong, but it’s impossible to stop touching her once I start. And worse, I don’t want to let her go...

Book Reviews


His Best Friend’s Little Sister5 star

Loved it!55


His best friend little sister5 star

Great read55


Okay2 star

Really enjoy this trope where the best friend falls for the sister and vice versa! This was sweet with the right amount of everything.25


Great book4 star

I really like this book I was so into it that I read it within a couple of hours45


Not my cuppa2 star

Dragged on. Couldn’t get passed the age gap. Or more how young Ellie still was. Like 22 - 35 is huge. But even 25 - 38 would have been better not 30-43. Ellie was just so kid like and all I could picture was someone my H’s age hitting on young niece. Gross. Skimmed second half but finally just said enough. Don’t recommend.25


Ok4 star

I loved the story however the intimate scenes seemed too intense and out of place. It was like different characters during sex... I you just read the story and skip the intimate parts it a a good book/ story. I liked the characters (out of the sex scenes).45


Good title, hooked me in3 star

I enjoyed this book overall. It was annoying that two of the main characters had such a close name — Eli & Ellie. I know technically their names are longer but they weren’t used. So that was kind of confusing and ultimately annoying. I also think I was pulled out of the story when Henry and her had sex. Kitten? That didn’t seem like his character at all. Weird. The rest of the storyline was good though.35

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