My Billionaire Doctor

My Billionaire Doctor Summary

Everyone dreams of that teenage romance that lasts for the rest of their lives. But the problem with teenage romances is that they involve teenagers, and all their silly, immature ways.

Matthew and Ashlee were two such childhood sweethearts, madly in love with each other. But things took a turn for the worst when her father died.Her father had been a father-figure to Matthew, so rather than being able to offer her comfort in her time of need, he too was consumed by grief.Ashlee read this as a lack of care, and Matthew read her anger as rejection. As a result, the two broke up right before she moved across the county to start college.

Now, it is ten years later, and Ashlee is facing yet another crisis. This time, her mother is suffering from cancer, and she is moving back to their old town where she can receive affordable treatment—from none other than Matthew..Ashlee moves back as well to support her mother, and seeing Matthew again begins to stir up old feelings.

Will these childhood sweethearts overcome the odds to be together? Or will time and heartache prove to be too much?

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Too cliche and unoriginal1 star

How do you expect readers to choose your book over everyone else’s if yours in unoriginal and cliche and not even well written?15


No1 star


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