Side Hustle

Side Hustle Summary

When Scarlet Cooper takes a new job as a nanny, she assumes she's going to work for the rich couple who hired her. But instead of pulling up to their million-dollar estate, she finds herself on the front porch of a humble farmhouse, looking into the eyes of dark and brooding single dad, Weston Dawson.It's bad enough that Weston doesn't have a fortune to charm out of him, but he's also a cop. 

After marrying his high school sweetheart only to have her up and leave weeks after their baby was born, Weston has sworn off women for life. All that matters now is taking care of his son, Jackson.

If anyone can break down the tough exterior of the former soldier, it's Scarlet. But just when she's close to getting exactly what she wants, she's faced with a whole new challenge, which just might be the biggest con she's ever pulled: pretending she doesn't love him.

Book Reviews


My first Dawson family book5 star

I literally could not put it down. I must read them all now. Thank you for nailing another great love story.55


A good lesson in so many ways!5 star

Couldn’t stop reading! I loved the story, but scarlet finding self love and worthiness was my absolute favorite. Your past doesn’t define you, and we all struggle with that at some point!55

Lola Bandz 🖤✨

Relatable5 star

Wonderful plot line ‼️🤞🏾55


Side Hustle4 star

It took me a little while to actually get into this story. About half way through I did and enjoyed the rest of it.45


Side Hustle5 star

This was definately a can’t put down book. The disfunctional and loving families. 2 stories coming together. A great read55


Side Hustle5 star

Great read55


Not your average nanny/boss story5 star

Yay more from the fabulous Dawson family. We get more if Wes Dawson the sexy single father and cop who is going for Sheriff of his small town. Knowing he will need some more help with Jackson his family hires Scarlett as a nanny only Scarlett isn’t really a nanny. Taking care of two younger siblings from a young age Scarlett has conned many men, men she deemed deserving but she her plans on conning her new employer Wes Dawson halts when she meets him and his adorable son. Can Scarlett change her ways for the two of them for her own HEA.55

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