Sinful Encounter: Alpha Billionaire Romance

Sinful Encounter: Alpha Billionaire Romance Summary

Danica’s life used to be perfect. Until her father decided to take his own life.

Since then, she’s been struggling. A lot. Not only emotionally, but also financially. With a mother stuck in the past and refusing to adapt to this new reality, Danica had to grow up fast to support both of them.

But a job as a waitress in a diner isn’t going to take them very far and she knows it.

Xander is the CEO of a real estate empire, but despite his title, his father is still the man in power.

After a heated argument with the old man over a new project, Xander drives home when a gorgeous woman collapses on the sidewalk and gets robbed.

Like a modern day knight coming along to save a damsel in distress, he rescues her.

Within seconds, Danica and Xander will experience something they never felt before, lighting a fire that will consume them passionately.

Until she realizes who he really is.

NOTE: this is the first book in the series. For a mature audience only.

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