Single Dad's Waitress

Single Dad's Waitress Summary

<b>He’s looking for peace and quiet—and she’s a bullhorn in a breakfast café.</b><br>
All single dad Ryder wants is peace, quiet, and pancakes. Valentine is serving up the exact opposite at the Short Stack Café.<br>
She’s a disaster waiting to happen—a gorgeous, irresistible disaster.<br>
Ryder can’t risk his newfound stability on a whirlwind like Valentine. He <i>definitely </i>can’t risk his heart. But one taste of her has him willing to pick up the tab, no matter the price.<br>

Book Reviews

Lee$ Princetenion

Excellent read5 star

Was worried when things seemed too good too soon, but you didn’t disappoint with reality crashing in and spicing things up as much as that salsa! Great read!!55


Single Dad’s Waitress3 star

They are an unlikely couple who are struggling with their own issues. Luckily, the attraction allows them to buy time to value each other35


Don’t bother1 star

This is terrible. Makes no sense. Horrible storyline. None of the characters are likable. Don’t waste your time.15


Over easy5 star

By Amelia wilde Good story book flows really well ! Bookbub55


Good story4 star

I enjoyed the story. It was so cute! But the excerpts from the next book almost made me stop reading when there was another chapter left.45


Over Easy1 star

Hard pass on this book. Valentine & Ryder meet while she's waitressing & decide to have a fling. Said fling is so awkward. There's no chemistry between the characters. The book lacks flow, it jumps from them having a conversation to the next day's events without closure or continuation, you're just left hanging on a snippet of unfinished convo. Speaking of, the "conversations" between the two...they're so bizarre & nonsensical, they're so awkward together, it's like they've never had human interaction. 👽 There isn't enough about either character to really root for them. I don't like to leave books unfinished & it could not end soon enough. 👎🏼15

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