Taming Him

Taming Him Summary

He's sexy, charming, and has a panty-melting smirk.
She's swearing off men.
Two weeks on the beach is what they both need. 
No strings attached, no expectations, no broken hearts.

Alex Bishop is every girl's wet fantasy and he knows it too. After wining and dining his dates, he always sends flowers and calls the next day--even if it's to say, let's just be friends. His mama taught him manners after all and his Southern blood knows how to be a gentleman. Still, that isn't enough to tame his wild ways.

River Lancaster has a broken heart and decides to fly to Key West, Florida. Tired of cheaters and liars, she's set on escaping to forget he ever existed. Who needs a man when there's an all-you-can-drink margarita bar, anyway? That's what she tells herself until she bumps into the right guy who can make all those bad memories disappear.

Even if it's only temporarily.

Too bad the universe has other plans--one that'll change the entire course of their lives in just nine short months.

Book Reviews


Taming him5 star

Great story!! Joined their book club. Can’t wait to read their next book!!!55


KaCee5 star

OMG. Love those Texas cowboys 💜55

Book Worm Plus

Taming Him5 star

A truly beautiful love story.55


Spoilers2 star

I’m half way through this book & it reads so much like her roommate series. Another surprise pregnancy, another couple who deny their feelings(one of the brothers so I’m assuming his book will read like the second books in the roommate series). The author writes well she just needs more ideas.25


Cute4 star

Cute story, but endings are really similar with other Kennedy Fox stories. Also, please find another word for "chuckle"... It was used near 100x.45


Loved this book4 star

Great story and details...you really felt like you knew the characters and loved them!!!45


Taming Him5 star

It was such a wonderful read, it’s intensity, the laughter and the love ❤️ was especially beautiful. “Adopting “55


Alex and River❤️5 star

This book is a must read. It’s so good! I loved it from the beginning to the end❤️ Alex, River and their best friends are so likable. It really kept this story enjoyable.55


Bishop Boys5 star

Whew! What a breed these Bishop boys are! Seriously wish a place like this actually existed! Loved Alex & Riley’s story! Can’t wait to read the next one! **HEA, no cheating, good cowboy romance!**55


Sliw1 star

Slow and boring. Felt like a book of filler that was bogged down in minor details just to add to the word count.15

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