Tempting Me: A Bad Boy Romance

Tempting Me: A Bad Boy Romance Summary

The only thing I need is him...
It was the night before my wedding. Maybe I cursed it by visiting my fiance. I didn't expect him to cheat on me with my best friend.

That night I ended up going to the strip club. The same one I went for my bachelorette party. That guy told me to come back if it didn't work out. I laughed at the thought. Well, it came true, because it didn't. What was I to do next?

I want her, but I know I can't...
I had my eye on her the whole night at the club. Usually, I can control myself. But not that night.

She came from a rich family. I came from the trailer. She was educated. I wish I was. There was no way it would work. But maybe if things changed, they could?

This is a full length bad boy romance novel. It is book 1 of the City Bad Boys series. It has NO cheating, NO cliffhanger, and a happily ever after.

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Ryan Temptation5 star

Author lied. I got the happy ending I wanted. However, the book really could be a hit if the ending was something no one saw. What if the brother was in the mafia after being disowned and stole the girls. I don’t something dramatic and extreme.55


Tempting me5 star

By Roxy Sinclaire and Natasha tanner So good! Worth reading! Bookbub55

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