The Deal

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The international bestseller! Get ready for another binge-worthy romance from New York Times bestselling author Elle Kennedy!

She's about to make a deal with the college bad boy…

Hannah Wells has finally found someone who turns her on. But while she might be confident in every other area of her life, she's carting around a full set of baggage when it comes to sex and seduction. If she wants to get her crush's attention, she'll have to step out of her comfort zone and make him take notice…even if it means tutoring the annoying, childish, cocky captain of the hockey team in exchange for a pretend date.

…and it's going to be oh so good

All Garrett Graham has ever wanted is to play professional hockey after graduation, but his plummeting GPA is threatening everything he's worked so hard for. If helping a sarcastic brunette make another guy jealous will help him secure his position on the team, he's all for it. But when one unexpected kiss leads to the wildest sex of both their lives, it doesn't take long for Garrett to realize that pretend isn't going to cut it. Now he just has to convince Hannah that the man she wants looks a lot like him.

Book Reviews


So good!4 star

Garret and Hannah are one hot couple eeek! I enjoyed their spicy chemistry. Their loved seemed so real, they completely unveiled themselves to each other in the most sweetest and healthiest way possible. It really had me at tears at times, just wishing for someone that sweet and understanding.45


super good!5 star

I honestly didn’t expect to get this sucked into this book. I originally saw a snip of it on tik tok and just started to read it for kicks, but it definitely blew my mind!! 100% recommended:)55


Simple but detailed romance5 star

I thought the description explained the whole book, but the story was more fun than that. I haven’t read a book in five years and this is the first book I completed. It’s really good, loved all the hot scenes. The near ending kind of threw me off because I thought Hannah was more tough, but all is well. Loved this book a lot.55


If you loved To All The Boys…4 star

but wished it were a little more *spicy*, then this is the book for you! I enjoyed the depth of the characters and really couldn’t put this one down. Good book, wish there was a sequel.45


Awesome book5 star

I honestly didn’t expect to get so involved with this book but the characters were both so engaging and likable that they completely sucked me in.55


my favorite!!!5 star

I’ve read 3/4 books ( thinking about reading tuckers) Garrett and Hannah made me laugh & smile throughout the entire story. Felt each of their personalities and loved seeing Garrett fall in love. I almost kinda wish Hannah would’ve gone out ona. Date with another guy to see Garrett more jealous but also didn’t want Hannah to lose him! Loved this book so much.55


Loved it!5 star

Such a great story and romantic turn. Had me glued to every page. Definitely looking forward to the series. Elle Kennedy is my new fav!55


Best book ever5 star

Amazing i loved it55


Yeah5 star

Really good, liked that The wasn’t a stereotypical traumatic happening to the book55


Captivating4 star

Couldn’t put it down without thinking what’s happening next. Got me all mushy n on the clouds kinda feeling reading. Love it!45

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