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I'm invisible on campus. A girl nobody would look at twice. Broke, but desperate to break out of my shell, I've agreed to take in a roommate. A girl named Casey. Except, turns out Casey isn't a girl at all. He's the hottest guy I've ever seen. Now I'm living with a guy for the first time in my life, and I want him so bad it hurts. Problem is, so does every other girl on campus.


At Gulf Coast University there are winners and, well, everyone else. I'm a winner. Star quarterback. Ladies' man. I can have any girl I want. Almost any girl. My shy, nerdy roommate is not only NOT MY TYPE, but she's off limits as well. Sleeping with Abigail would screw up this whole living arrangement. So would revealing everything I've worked so hard to hide.

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Book Reviews


What?!1 star

I have no idea why this has 4 stars… I toughed it out hoping for a great ending at least. Nope. The characters are awful. The storyline could have been enjoyable. But it’s not.15


The roommate3 star

Terrible ending. Literally just stopped35


Serial not series3 star

Just starts to get good then poof.35


The Roommate5 star

I love Lexu Timms… love this book, now on to the next one55


***4 star

Quick easy read45


The Roommate1 star

The book was great until the ending. It leaves the reader hanging. It doesn’t make sense.15


The Roomate1 star

Horrible ending. Just stops. Works it all up and then bam nothing.15


Great…until the less than mediocre ending2 star

Was great until the ending… a stretch. The very abrupt and incongruent ending made me suspect that the author ran out of time and creativity. The unreasonable expectations and consequent disappointments or unexplained behavior of the main actors at the very end seems recklessly contrived. It casts them as very immature and unreasonable, which is so discordant with their portrayal up to that point that it made the ending frustratingly implausible and detracted from the story line preceding it.25


Can’t put it DOWN!!!!5 star

Absolutely in love with this book. The end makes you need to open the second book right away!55


I loved this book!5 star

I read it in one day ! I was hooked I did not want to put it down. Wish the ending did end the way it did idk if there’s a second part cause it had an abrupt ending other than that 100% loved it.55

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