The Studying Hours

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CRUDE. ARROGANT. A**HOLE.No doubt about it, Sebastian 'Oz' Osborne is the university's most celebrated student athlete—and possibly the biggest douchebag. A walking, talking cliché, he has a filthy mouth, a fantastic body, and doesn't give a sh*t about what you or anyone else thinks. SMART. CLASSY. CONSERVATIVE.Make no mistake, Jameson Clarke may be the university's most diligent student—but she is no prude. Spending most of her time in the hallowed halls of the library, James is wary of pervs, jocks, and douchebags—and Oz Osborne is all three.She's smart, sarcastic—and not what he expected.  …EVERY DOUCHBAG HAS HIS WEAKNESS.He wants to be friends.He wants to spend time with her.He wants to drive her crazy.He wants…Her.

Book Reviews


Adorable!5 star

What’s not to like? I love the snappy banter, sarcasm, and transformation that the two characters make. I couldnt stop reading it! Im ready for the next one!55


5 stars5 star

Surprising, and so very good! The author has talent. The story is smart.55

Sergeant Schultz

Caught my eye5 star

Cute, smirky fun story. Loved the blurbs before each chapter. Cheered me up and made me laugh.55


Annoying1 star

The ego on this guy is not fathomable!!! Totally not believable and distressing. Of course such double standards about the girl acting like the guy, shamelessly sleeping with people for their own benefit. Dime a dozen story.15


Loved It!4 star

I wasn't sure what to expect since this is a new to me author. I was pleasantly surprised. I laughed a lot. I connected to the characters. I'm excited for the next book in this series.45


Fantastic wit5 star

This reads the way I think. I laughed all the way through and could not put this down. Thanks! I needed that.55

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