Wicked Beginnings

Wicked Beginnings Summary

An edgy, angsty, addictive YA/NA crossover series from L. A. Cotton, author of the Chastity Falls series.

Sometimes wrong feels so right...

When seventeen-year-old Eloise Stone finds herself halfway across the world, moving into her uncle's pool house, she expects things to be ... awkward. She doesn't expect to come face-to-face with the boy from last summer. The boy that made her feel things she'd never felt before. But a year is a long time, and Lo isn't the girl she was then. Besides, they're family now.

It's weird.

Maverick Prince acts as if he doesn't remember her, treating Lo like nothing more than an annoying younger sister, and not in a 'he cares' way, just in a 'he's an arsehole' way. One thing's for sure, he isn't just dangerous for her sanity--he's hazardous for her heart.

Lo thought moving to Wicked Bay was the worst of her problems, but as life begins to unravel around her, she's going to find out it's only the beginning...


The Wicked Bay Series is recommended for readers aged 17+ due to mature themes, language and content.

Reading Order:

Wicked Beginnings

Wicked Rules

Wicked Lies (can be read as a standalone)

Wicked Games

Wicked Needs (can be read as a standalone)

Wicked Suprise: A Wicked Bay novella

Wicked Hearts (can be read as a standalone)

Wicked Promises (coming soon)

Book Reviews


Heavily angst filled!4 star

Wicked Beginnings by LA Cotton is a heavily, angst-filled novel. There are so many underlying factors that reader is shielded from, including the one night between Lo and Maverick from the summer before, thus, things take awhile to build. Overall, I was left with enough interest to find out what happens next for Maverick and Lo. Also, Kyle and the others are interesting.45


Wickedly Good4 star

Wicked was a good book ! I enjoyed it45


Awful1 star

The plot is empty and predictable, the lead is spineless and uninteresting, and I would happily stab about half the characters. Just pure garbage15


Great author5 star

Loved this book...pulled me in from beginning to end.55

Anne Mercier

I loved this book!5 star

This book! LA Cotton never ceases to amaze me with the captivating stories she writes! Wicked Beginnings was another one of those books, with the a$$hole, bad boy, hot and sexy hero, the off-the-charts undeniable attraction between Maverick and Eloise (Lo)... hot, hot, hot! Love to hate you or hate to love you, either way this story is compelling, enthralling, and will have you turning page after page as you're dying to see what happens next! While it does end on a sort-of cliffhanger, it gives you an ending that, all that nail biting you've been doing?... it's worth it. So worth it. I loved it! I want book 2 now! But I'll wait, because I know it'll be worth it!55


Love to be wicked ❤️5 star

This was a totally wicked book!! I'm not normally for family love stories but this one has me intrigued beyond! Eloise has been transplanted to the states and her life has been turned upside down even more when she meets the one boy she never thought she'd see again. Maverick is an enigma, just when you think you know what he's gonna do he'll confuse you again. Despite it all I did love Maverick. I was completely taken over by this book. When I got to the end I totally got the title and even named LA Cotton a wicked person. 😊 She wrote this book with more in mind and I can't wait. I read book voluntarily for an honest review. Hope you love it. I did. Enjoy!!!55


Full of turmoil and angst.5 star

I knew from the first chapter this book was going to be turmoil. Lies, secrets, family, friends, and enemies, this story will take you on a wild ride. When tragedy strikes and Eloise and her dad move half way around the world she is torn. Leaving the past behind and looking to the future doesn't make her forget her sorrow. To her surprise a fleeting moment from her past is standing in the kitchen of the family home. As Eloise starts a new school she soon learns that Maverick and Kyle are the princes of the school and since she is family she is part of their group. Maverick is one who was hard to figure out. We have not found all of his secrets yet. I felt so much emotion for Eloise as she tries to figure out her life and fit in at school. On top of that she learns that her father has moved on. This was an emotional rollercoaster of a ride. As in true Ms. Cotton fashion it ramped up toward the end and leaves you wanting more. I can't wait to see what the future holds for Eloise and Maverick. I am sure it is not going to be an easy ride. I voluntarily read an advanced copy of this book.55


Love the drama and angst!4 star

One of my favorite things to read is good old fashioned high school drama! And this book has plenty of that. Add in some family secrets and some forbidden aspects and this books checks off most things on my list. I enjoyed the teases throughout the book about the things that happened in the past. Made it so that I wanted to keep reading to find out what the deal is. And although this book is technically a "Cliffhanger" it left off in a good place. It's not so terrible that you are going to die waiting, but there is just enough uncertainty that you wonder where it's all going to end up!45

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