Wheels on the Bus

Wheels on the Bus Summary

Children will love to press the sound buttons when they hop on-board the noisy bus and sing along with this classic nursery song.

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Wheels on the bus5 star

Love this book 5 stars55

Mr. Pugg Butt

This is a civilized book5 star

This book is good but I recommend it for people 21+🍾🍷🍻🤫55


Loved5 star

I loved reading this to my baby she loved the music and pictures55

Rikki Taub

This book is so babyish1 star

I hate this book so much!(sad face) I can’t believe I’m giving it one star! I should’ve given it zero.15

Been there.

Wheels on the bus5 star

Very good. I haven't shared this with my grandson yet but I'm sure he'll love it.55


Wheels on the bus5 star

My 2 year old son really love this book with the sounds55

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