Creating an Automator Service

Creating an Automator Service Summary

The "No-Expert" Guide to resizing your photos with a Service created in Automator.

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This book is fine.3 star

I certainly don’t hate this book, and did find it useful, but it’s VERY breif and only focuses on one aspect of Automator - building a simple tool that resizes photos. There’s nothing wrong with that…I just assumed it would cover additional automator services based on the title. It also has some grammatical errors, which I find annoying in the age of spell-checkers and grammarly. But if you’re wanting to make a single, Automator service that resizes pictures, it’s incredibly useful!35

Dilip prasad

Good book on resizing images3 star

Book is really good with contents on resizing image very well, would be great if it covers other topics as well !!!35

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