Bound by Fire

Bound by Fire Summary

Pepper Brooks has always dreamed of escaping her small town life and her alcoholic mother. Working double shifts at her dead-end waitressing job, she saves every penny in order to join her best friend in Scotland. Her plans are threatened, however, when she finds herself alone and in danger with no apparent way out.

Connall Gunnach is traveling to the United States to attend the wedding of his brother when he is bombarded with panic. However, the panic is not his own. He realizes his destined mate is in peril and he must find her before it’s too late. But when he does, he discovers she already has a champion and a massive chip on her shoulder…and he is a man of many secrets.

Will Connall be able to convince her to trust him and him alone?

Will Pepper be able to put aside her past hurts in order to fully embrace her destiny?

Book Reviews


Nice Romane4 star

Hunt for the stalker was a little thin but the romance gets an A45

Lacie Romano

Loved!5 star

Lets start off by saying this was my first Piper Davenport book I have ever read and boy did it hook me from start to finish! This book had the modern paranormal aspect that made it relatable and fun while having characters that are strong, loving, and fall of sass and comedy. This book sucked me in and I promptly had to purchase each of the books in this series.55

Elena Jet

Bound By Fire5 star

A great read and an exciting book with lots of inventive magic.55


Recommended3 star

3.5 stars Con is surprised while helping his brother in America to find his mate. She happens to be the best friend of his brothers mate and a human. Pepper has been dealing with a very dangerous situation and the first thing Con feels is her panic. I wish I could learn a little more about Pepper’s past, and I wish some things were explained a little more from the first book. I didn’t like Pepper’s insistence on putting herself in danger when she could have had plenty of backup. This is a good read, but I enjoyed book one just a little more.35


Love the series beginner!5 star

I've absolutely loved Piper Davenport's Dogs of Fire series, but I was a little reluctant to start the Cauld Ane series. A friend of mine was going on about how much she was loving this series, I’m so glad I started it! Kade and Sam are a fun couple, I seriously love them both. There is a paranormal element to this series but it’s like nothing I’ve read before. So many things I loved about this book, their whole when/if marriage conversation, Sam’s reaction to his home & of course her first flight with Kade and their “safety” conversation. The book does not have a single slow spot. There is drama, sexy romance, action and humor. If you like paranormal stories, I highly recommend Piper Davenport’s Cauld Ane series.55

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