Eternally Bound

Eternally Bound Summary

Over the centuries, anything Ronan once found pleasure in has been replaced by blood and death. Every morning, he wonders if that will be the day he succumbs to the savage side of his vampire nature.

As a born hunter, Kadence has never stepped beyond the walls of her home. She’s not happy with her life, but she accepted it long ago... just as she’s accepted her impending marriage to a man the elders chose for her. However, when a vampire murders her father, Kadence is determined to escape the walls that have kept her caged.

After she’s attacked by the monster who killed her father, and rescued by Ronan, Kadence finds herself inside the world of the vampires she’s been raised to hate. Despite her distrust of him, the more time she spends with Ronan, the more her feelings for him deepen until she finds herself questioning the hunter way of life.

Now she must decide what she truly wants: revenge, Ronan, or the elusive freedom she’s finally found.

***The Alliance Series is a spin-off of the Vampire Awakenings series. You do not have to read the Vampire Awakenings Series to follow the Alliance Series.

Due to violence, language, and sexual content this book is recommended for readers 18+***

Book Reviews


Eternally Bound5 star

Absolutely could not put this book down!! I had read the Vampire Awakenings series and loved it. Looks like this series is off to a great start too. You will not be disappointed. READ THIS BOOK!!55


Short, but good book4 star

Sexy men, submissive woman waking up. Good read.45


Looooooooooove5 star

Loved this series 🧛‍♂️55


Brilliant5 star

What a fantastic read. The riveting plot, well-developed characters. I could not put it down.55


Eternally Bound5 star

I never read vampire romances because I just don’t like them. I like many of this authors other books so I thought since it was free I’d give it a chance. It was awesome read. I was really impressed. May have to read the rest of the series. Especially curious in Declan’s story.55


The Saga Continues 💙5 star

Just like I ❤️ The Vampire Awakening series. I love this book! Glad to see the stories continuing and have my favorite characters like Brian and the Byrne clan return!55


Eternally Bound5 star

Wonderful book. Could not put it down!55


Ronan 😍5 star

I can’t even explained how freaking excited I got when I found out not only were we getting a spin-off to the Awakening Series but that it would focus on Ronan and is group! I’d been captivated by Ronan since he first appeared in the Vampire Awakening Series and his story did not disappoint! I’ve read this book more times than I can count! It’s a must read you will love Ronan and Kadence’s story and his group of defenders!55


Eternally5 star

This is a great vp book, and I recommend it. I only gave it a try because it was .99 & I won't go on about the odd way I found it. I normally won't give a series a chance unless I get a good feel of the book first. The free section of the sci-fi/fantasy portion in Apple books is stuck in a + feedback loop & the same books have been there forever. It's this type of book that should break thru there IMO. But to this book review, I'd say that anyone who likes vampire/paranormal books will like this one.55

Cindy Wittmann Jones

Alliance5 star

Great story! I also loved the awakening series as well.55

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