First Touch

First Touch Summary

Autumn Rain didn’t always possess the ability to read emotions imprinted on objects. If you’ve enjoyed the Imprints series or are just beginning the adventure, you don’t want to miss this new prequel about her first case as a consultant to the Portland Police Bureau. See how Autumn came into her ability, and how Detective Shannon Martin reacts when he realizes this crazy so-called psychic might just be telling the truth.

Can they put aside their differences and find a missing girl before it’s too late? How many rules will they have to break?

From the author:

I hope you enjoy this introduction to my Imprints series. Readers have asked me for this story, so here it is! Though this is a shorter story and as such cannot contain the intricacies of the rest of the series, it is a complete book with no cliffhangers. Enjoy!

Book Reviews


First Touch4 star

I would’ve loved the story if you actually got the whole story. Ended on a cliffhanger. I hate when that happens. The part you do get will make you cry 😭. Definitely a very emotional book.45


Touch of Rain5 star

I love this series! The premise —Autumn’s ability to read imprints — is fascinating. I love Autumn’’s hippy-like character. The romantic tension between her and the three men in this story, and the twisting plot kept me turning pages until I finally finished at 4AM.55


First Touch5 star

One of the most satisfying reads so far. I am looking forward to the full length novels in this series. The characters are engaging and are not just two dimensional. Very believable.55


Suspense, murder, attraction and child abduction5 star

This author manages to interweave adult attraction with the deadly serious action of child abduction. The characteristics of the people allow you to visually picture each and every one. I look forward to reading more of this series55

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