Guardians: The Girl (The Guardians Series, Book 1)

Guardians: The Girl (The Guardians Series, Book 1) Summary

An unlikely teen is thrown into the chaos of battle... 

...and suddenly a studious book-lover holds the world's fate in her hands.

Can she prevail against a relentless enemy, or will evil alter mankind's destiny forever?

Emmy longs for excitement, but the only place she finds it is deep inside a novel. That all changes when a hoard of demons attempts to rip her to shreds on her way to class. They almost succeed until a group of angels rescues her, and their handsome leader Marcus reveals a shocking truth.

Her attackers are on a mission and need Emmy to destroy mankind, but her holy allies are there to help beat them back to Hell. Emmy is all that stands between good and evil, and faces an impossible choice: risk everything in a battle to the death, or allow darkness to overtake the Earth and do away with humanity.

If you loved Twilight, A Shade of Vampire, or Shadow Hunters, you'll adore this dark fantasy! Find out why reviewers say "I just couldn't stop reading!" Don't wait - Click the DOWNLOAD button now!

"Guardians" series in order

Book 1: The Girl
Book 2: The Fallout
Book 3: The Turn
Book 4: The Triplex
Book 5: The Quo
Book 5 (Part 2) : The Lyris
Book 6 : The Shoma
Book 6 (Part 2): The Nycren

Guardians: Short Stories From Book 1
Guardians: Short Stories From Book 5

Please note: Readers may start with the Noru series or the Guardians series. However the author recommends starting with Guardians series 

The Noru series in order: 

Book 1: Blue Rose 
Book 2: Last Akon 
Book 3: Fall Of The Chosen
Book 4: When Angels Break 
Book 5: Ways of The Wicked
Book 6: Rise Of The Alago
Book 7: Rage Of Angels

Book Reviews


Overlaps4 star

Although I did like that book at times it was slightly confusing. Some of the characters were mixed up. Information bounced around so you were left wondering how Emmy got the information. Plus sometimes words would overlap and you couldn't read certain sentences. Other than that I enjoyed the book and will continued the series so I can see what happens.45

emma brookshire

Kshfgfgdn5 star

I’m just agitated because I’m broke but amazing book made my day💕💕💕💕💕 I loved the plot loved the characters cried when deaths happened was livid at the end because aghhhh55

Galaxy star angel

Horribly wonderful4 star

Honestly I love the book I have since I first read it. The only problem is the typos and the descriptions. Other then that I hecking love it the story line is amazing and it's a great book. I read it back in 2016 and i just downloaded it to read it again because I adored it.45

Me... someone

Grate book!!!!5 star

Is a really nice book and have a great plot! I do recommend!55


The Girl5 star

It drew me in. It took me to a different world & I enjoyed my visit. I look forward to the next edition.55

Angle food cake

Awesome!!!!!!5 star

This book is so good I love it.55


We could've been great together1 star

I love the concept of the book. I think it could've been great had it not been for the writting. It felt more like a summary to me than an actual book. I couldn't get a real feel to it. There weren't enough descriptions on what actually mattered and too many on what didn't really matter, who wants to know about runner ball (I think that's what it's called) when we can read about Marcus taking snaps to get close to Emerson. They were the heart of the story but there was no building up to it there was only a climax which as a result didn't have much of an effect. Reading this was like eating chicken soup with a cold, you know it's really good but you can't really taste it. I loved the characters in exception of both MCs. I enjoyed reading about Miku and Rio the super twins but my absolute favorite character was Ameana. I loved her. She would've made a better Emerson. I wish I could say I finished reading this book but I got through two thirds of it before I couldn't take it any longer. It didn't make me feel anything, the drama was in all the wrong places.15


Eh3 star

Not impressive. It's slow, characters are flat. The premise is ok, if a bit implausible. The plot's pretty predictable after the first couple of chapters. The story needs condensing, and is way too much about teen angst and the improbable love triangle. Get to the 'save-the-world' part already! The main female character isn't very engaging or consistent. I've also hit a lot of things that don't follow the logic of the world-building. For instance, if angels can fly away why do they have to wait for a get-away car? The characters don't use their skills very well in battle.35


Hate it1 star

i didnt like this book at all, it just kept on going going they should've stop at the 4th book where it ended nice15


Cool5 star

I love it55

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