Hunting Season

Hunting Season Summary

<i>This werewolf will protect his mate.</i>
Owen has one job: keep Stasia from being abducted. Easier said than done when his fiercely independent client tries to fire him the moment they meet. His werewolf senses howl to life and he's certain of one thing: Stasia is his.

<i>She's sick of cocky men.
When her wealthy father hires a bodyguard, Stasia says no. Not exactly a smart move after someone tried to nab her off the street. But she doesn't need a babysitter. Especially not a cheerfully overbearing bodyguard who makes her heart pound and her fantasies run wild.

When Stasia is yanked out of her glittering world and into Owen's she'll need to grapple with an impossible new reality that includes werewolves, silver bullets, and fated mates.

Is she ready to embrace her new world? Or will she run back to a universe of glittering high rises and leave her destiny behind?

<b>Step into the world of Guarded by the Shifter where a team of ex-military bodyguards are also werewolves and fated mates are just one job away.</b>

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Loved it!!!5 star

It was a great interesting book. Kept me on my toes.55


Season opener5 star

Kate Rudolph comes back to Earth to give us the most original take on werewolves I’ve ever read. Plus, it’s a beautiful love story with a hero who has his emotional act together, and a heroine who’s smart, skilled, and seemingly shockproof. Add to that a smidge of action and a dollop of mystery and it’s a sure fire super paranormal romance. And this is a totally voluntary ARC review.55

i luv reading

Hunting season3 star

Enjoy the camaraderie, love, and the plot twists.35


New Series Starter4 star

This is the start of a new series. There appears to be a continuing story line but this book ends with an HEA for the couple involved. Stasia is a non-typical rich girl who’s in danger, Owen is her bodyguard with a secret. She’s serious and uptight, he’s laid back and optimistic. The story is simple on the surface but there are underlying threats, mysteries and nuances that I hope to see more about in the next books. I liked both characters but didn’t see them together in the beginning. As we get to know them, they are more suited and their chemistry is undeniable. Supporting characters leave us with additional questions but Stasia and Owen’s story is complete. Enjoyable read but at this point I’m more interested what wasn’t in the story and can’t wait for the next books.45


Hunting Season!4 star

This is a good read that is entertaining and fun. It is a bodyguard romance about Stasia and Owen. Her family is wealthy and she has become a target. He is hired to protect her. The attraction and chemistry between them is off the charts. The story is fast paced with some danger, suspense, action, intriguing and good twists.45


Great book!5 star

Very good read couldn’t put it now.55


Werewolf bodyguard4 star

Werewolf bodyguard. Yep. Who happens to be Stasia’s new bodyguard. And conveniently, her mate. She’s the daughter of the third wealthiest man in New York. He’s new to being a werewolf. Purchased45

Lange S

Good Beginning to A New Series Need Some Fixes3 star

I liked Stasia and Owen. While Owen was a werewolf he wasn’t your typical grunting alpha. He had an easy go flow that made me smile. Stasia while coming from money didn’t act like a spoiled drama queen. This is the first in the series so establishing is needed and I give a lot of leeway for that. There are many things within the plot itself that don’t make sense if you take a minute and really ponder, namely Stasia’s family and how they may be tangled up with what happened to Owen while he was in the military, plus let’s not forget her family drama. There are also some fuzzy issues within the werewolf family that Owen is a part of. Some points were brought that were left hanging. Both Stasia and her sister’s really easy acceptance of werewolves and just going about their lives like nothing life altering has happened did seem a bit of a stretch. Despite these weakish points, I did enjoy the story and want to learn more. I’m hoping that the plot holes are filled and we get more substance in the next books in the series. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.35

V. Wyatt

Interesting4 star

This was different read most of the ones I read they were born werewolves not made. Owen is protecting Stasia who is a billionaire daughter and was almost kidnapped. Interesting read. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.45

E. Pennington

Finding His Mate…5 star

Stasia is the daughter of a very wealthy man, and his enemies don’t play nice sometimes. But she is not a delicate flower. She is a confident woman who can handle her own problems. When a kidnap attempt is made on her, her father and brother hire a bodyguard, which she is not happy about. Owen, her new protector, is a recently turned werewolf, as well as an experienced soldier. He had no idea being Stasia’s bodyguard would be so difficult, nor that the woman would be so stubborn about following orders for her protection. As the two of them are around each other, she seems to be pulling out the Alpha in him. He’s still learning about being a wolf, so she is not making things easy on him. But they are inexorably drawn to each other. Is Stasia ready to commit to a life with her mate? How will she accept the news about what he is?55

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