Knock Down Dragon Out

Knock Down Dragon Out Summary

She never expected to be attacked by dragons. Nor to go to bed with her smoking-hot savior...
Naomi Parker craves a hard reset. Unable to shake the grief of her fiancé’s fatal accident, the photographer heads to the Alaskan wilderness to capture the breathtaking nature. But before she can focus her lens, she’s shocked when dragons attack… and a drop-dead gorgeous creature comes to her rescue.
Shifter-prince Col is on the hunt for revenge. So when he plunges through a portal, he’s ready to strike when he spies his enemies standing over their injured prey. But the powerful fire-breather is stunned to discover the victim is an unbelievably attractive mortal… and his fated mate.
As Naomi recovers from her injuries in a nearby cabin with her newfound protector, she can’t resist the undeniable urge to let the man-beast take her to bed. And though Col struggles to contain his lust, he fears claiming the curvaceous woman as his own will only put them both in lethal danger.
Can the destined couple outlast deadly threats and embrace a future in each other’s arms?
Knock Down Dragon Out is the steamy first book in the Soulmate Shifters in Mystery, Alaska paranormal romance series. If you like sexy giants, smoking-hot chemistry, and dangerous distractions, then you’ll love Krystal Shannan’s dive into insatiable yearning.

Book Reviews


Great read!5 star

His was a great read! Sorry kept me engaged the whole way through. Loved the splashes of humor too! On to book two ;)55



This book starts off like you’re halfway into a story already. You’re basically given no back story on either character yet 50 pages in their having sex without exchanging names and meeting maybe 30 minutes before hand???? There’s no buildup no real romance…. It just feels all around lacking.15


Great author4 star

I loved this book! It was so sweet.45


From refugees to family5 star

This is such a cool story. Former enemies from rival shifter tribes find a portal to Alaska. In this book, Col the dragon shifter looks to take revenge on the rebel dragons that killed his tribe, and ends up with Naomi, a human woman with a sad past. It's a great adventure, a red-hot romance, and a fun shifter serried in the making.55

Deb W. 81

Knock Down Dragon Out5 star

A fantastic finding your dragon mate. Plenty of action and adventure in this book with so much more. ❤️📚👍55


I love this series!5 star

I’m really enjoying these books. Once I’ve started reading, I can’t seem to stop…so I don’t. The characters are great, and I hope they all get their own HEA!55


Great read4 star

I liked this book the only reason I gave it a 4 is because there was too many sex scenes lol I was mainly interested in the story45


Entertaining read4 star

I really enjoyed this one. It was interesting and held my attention from beginning to end. It had plenty of action to keep me engaged as we watched these two get to know each other in the midst of everything happening. Things move quickly but it’s fated mates and Col knew from the first time he saw, as things work differently on his world. I am excited to read the next book.45


Surprised5 star

Not at all what I expected. I loved it so exciting and fast paced. Loved all the characters, can’t wait to read the next in series.55

Karen Giger

Knock Down Dragon Off5 star

Thanks for the enjoyable shifter book. It had a couple different problems that made me laugh and woke up my dog. She isn’t used to me laughing, so she woke up barking at me.55

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