Knowing Zip

Knowing Zip Summary

Abducted by the warrior of her dreams.

Zip is the last of his friends to find his female, the one being meant for him. He isn’t certain she exists until he hears her voice over a transmission. A self-proclaimed systems deity, he researches his curvy little human and discovers she dreams of being abducted by a big, strong warrior. Zip plans to make his female’s fantasies come true.

Ryssa wants one gift for her birthing planet rotation—to be captured by a warrior, preferably a tall, muscular cyborg with black hair, gray skin, and brilliant blue eyes. When Zip arrives on her planet, claiming to be her male, Ryssa assumes one of her friends has ordered the experience for her, and throws herself into the encounter, losing herself in Zip’s hot kisses, sensual touch, dominant embrace.

When the fantasy fades, will their love survive?

Knowing Zip is a short companion story in the Cyborg Sizzle series and is meant to be read after Seeking Vector.
It is also a BBW Cyborg SciFi Romance set in a dark, gritty, sometimes violent universe.

Book Reviews


Cyborg and BBW manifest true love5 star

Adorable and sexy-sweet reading from Cynthia Sax's magnificent Cyborg Sizzle series! This is a whirlwind love story featuring a pair of go-for-broke lovers, and the power of faith. Zip is the cyborg who KNOWS his mate is out there and won't stop till he finds her. Ryssa is the plump and ordinary human woman who dares to dream bigger than anyone could ever imagine, and has the courage to trust her vision. Heartening, uplifting, and true to the spirit of the series. Well done, Ms. Sax!55


A tasty tidbit, indeed!5 star

I love this book! Ms. Sax manages to tell a lot about Zip, Ryssa and their friends in a very short story. Zip is smart, determined, loyal and will do anything to ensure his mate’s happiness. Ryssa is found by the exact mate of her dreams. She’s loving, generous, and her devotion to Zip is undeniable. Catching up with some of his best friends is delightful! What an outstanding mix in this group. This is a perfect read for this busy season.55

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