Lavender & Cinnamon

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The pastry chef witch & the billionaire dragon-shifter: Not your mother's meet-cute…

So… it doesn’t happen every day that you see a dragon shifter’s junk, up close and personal. Well, you’d think it’s this witch’s lucky day, but nope. Not even close. In fact, this day has been disastrous so far. But let me rewind the story for you. Hi, my name’s Aubrey, and I own Lavender & Cinnamon, the award-winning pastry shop conveniently located in one of the coziest neighborhoods in Seattle. My life’s filled with cupcake and hexes, and I like it exactly the way it is. Yesterday, I received ominous news from Mr. Stuart, my landlord—you guessed correctly, he’s the owner of the junk mentioned before. Anyway, he wants to evict my shop to build a high-rise on top of it. The last thing I need is a domineering billionaire who thinks he can do whatever he wants because he's rich. Sure, the man is unbearably handsome, generously endowed (I took a good look at it) and makes me weak in the knees... but rest assured I won't give up my shop without a fight. PS If you want to know more about the junk incident, you really need to read the book…

Lavender & Cinnamon is a serial (continuing story) The Hexes & Kisses series is structured like a TV show, which means that it's divided in episodes ending in cliffhangers. If you don’t like cliffhangers, I have collected the three episodes in a box set so you can binge-read the entire story at once.

Recap of Episode One: Aubrey and Andrew meet, and it’s an enemy-to-lover passionate mad dash toward a fiery finale.

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