Mated by Midsummer

Mated by Midsummer Summary

Weddings are awesome, as long as they're not hers. Not so awesome? Facing the Alpha she ran from...

After living for years amongst humans, Kelli Copeland has to go home for her brothers wedding. She's hoping that a decade is enough for pack alpha, Max, to forget her, settle down and have a passel of kids. If she's lucky, he'll be old and grey to boot. 

No. Such. Luck. 

Alpha werewolf Max Daniels could have the pick of the females in Stratton, but he only wants one woman, the one who ran from him years ago. When he learns Kelli is back in town, he'll do everything in his power to make sure she doesn't leave again. Up to and including kidnapping her… The problem is, he isn't the only wolf in town with an agenda. 

This time, Kelli's departure might the permanent kind. 

*Please note: previously published elsewhere under the title 'Midsummer Heat'*

Book Reviews

Snowcat 1023

Mated Midsummer5 star

Mina has done it again. Sexy, suspenseful, with characters that you can relate to even if your human. So well written that I have acquired the other two books in this series. All I can say is “keep them coming “55


Loved it4 star

Short, quick read, with enough heat, and conflict to keep me interested and not stall out halfway through.45


Meh.3 star

No character or relationship dev- it’s a really really short story.35


Loved it!5 star

Would love a sequel!55

Spade freak

Not Enough2 star

This book started out with a nice background, not overdone but I felt I knew the characters personalities. Then as the book went on the story was rushed and escalated way too quickly. Easy read but not not enough interest for me to keep reading the series.25

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