Queen of Ashes

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The exciting first book in Dragon Curse Chronicles – Queen of Ashes – by USA Today Bestselling Author, D.L. Snow
Slaying dragons is her only purpose in life…
As the lone survivor of a kingdom decimated by dragons, Breanna of the House Moray has one mission…to slay every last fire-breathing piece of filth left on the continent. Five years later and Bre is making good on that vow, until the day she meets the biggest beast she’s ever seen. Unfortunately, a failed attempt to slay the monster leaves Bre half-dead on the doorstep of Lorent Castle, home of Prince Cahill.
All Cahill needs to assume the throne of Lorentia is one simple thing: a wife. Oh, and she must be virtuous as well as of noble blood. The problem is, every eligible woman has failed the test of purity concocted by the regent as a ruse to keep Cahill from becoming king. Thus, he vows that the next maiden to cross his threshold will be his bride and when Breanna appears—injured and reeking of dragon dung—Cahill sees her as his last chance to step into his birthright.
Breanna couldn’t be less interested in marriage. It doesn’t matter that Cahill is strong and noble and even—on occasion—has the ability to make her smile. Damn him! He’s wasting his time with her. Bre’s got a date with a dragon and as soon as she’s fully recovered, she intends to hunt the beast down and thrust her sword straight through its pea-sized brain. 

After fighting by Cahill's side during a dragon attack, Bre begins to see the man differently and finds she wants him in ways she’s never wanted a man before.
However, wanting and marrying are two very different things, and Breanna has no intention of giving up her freedom. Not to Cahill, not to anyone.

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Queen of Ashes5 star

This is a Great Book. I am grateful for the opportunity to have a chance at reading it. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Sincerely, P Monsivais. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🤗🤗🤗🤗👍👍👍👍👍👍😊😊😊😊😊55


Queen of Ashes2 star

Wasn’t very good. They try to retell the princess and the pea story only to fail. Won’t be reading anymore in this series.25


FYI4 star

I think that your link to “GET” this book is broken. (after reading the SAMPLE) I tried the link at the end - to get this book - and it did nothing. I had to go back a page to access the green “get” found at the top of every text page. Downloaded from Apple free books on 12/09/20 The writing is good - the villains are one dimensional compared to the heros. This makes the ending too much like a fairy tale.45

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