Ring True

Ring True Summary

Which is worse? To be distrusted without reason and banished or to earn the trust of a prince who is the target of someone out to destroy his kingdom?

All Kambry wanted was to be noticed just once. One summer day to know she could catch someone’s eye for a single moment.

Now everybody is watching, and she must commit treason to escape a hidden kingdom.

Or she could save the kingdom, which means she must get Prince Russal to trust her.

Everything she says must have the ring of truth. Not an easy task with a magic ring revealing her every lie.

Each stranger to his kingdom has ultimately deceived him. Why should he expect Kambry to be any different?

He says he’s determined to fall in love with her. Then she’ll betray him as expected, and she'll be banished beyond all hope of returning home.

Can she convince him she can make a difference in his search for the traitor behind all his trouble? Will earning his trust just make her the next bystander caught in the intrigue surrounding his realm?

Buy this romantic fantasy because everyone should escape to Kavin Wood at least once.

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