Slave to a Vampire: Book 1 Catherine

Slave to a Vampire: Book 1 Catherine Summary

Catherine, a young Irish peasant girl and other young teens from her village are taken away by English slave traders. Thrown into a sailing ship and taken to the other side of the world, Catherine fears for her future. She is purchased by a mysterious man and taken to his sugar plantation. Will she survive? What manner of creature is this man they call Master Lavelle?

This vampire romance is set in the mid-1600's in the Caribbean. Follow Catherine's journey across the seas to the hands of a vampire...where all is not what it seems.

Book Reviews


Well written, but...5 star

I did enjoy reading this to some degree. The gruesome violence in the beginning was a turn off. There is too much detail in the violence. Perhaps I misunderstood this but it seems to be that the author wants to write a romance maybe this is actually meant to be a horror story. Enjoy the rest of the story and would love to read the rest.55


Different worlds5 star

Catherine came from being free to being a slave. At first she was very angry. But her owner slowly changed her mind. She was not afraid of him. Because she could read and write her owner gave her a better place to live and different jobs to do. She also got his trust. He asked her to write about his life. She did as she was asked. This was a very good book.55


Wow!5 star

This immediately sucked me in and I couldn't stop reading it.55


Vampire Slave4 star

Loved Book 1 of Vampire Slave. Said book 2 is now available but I couldn't find a link or download for it or any other English versions of your books.45

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