Steampunk Cyborg

Steampunk Cyborg Summary

When a friend drags Agatha “Aggie” Bowles to a romance convention, all she wants to do is find some new authors and a quiet spot to read. Instead of relaxing with a book, she ends up kidnapped by a steampunk cyborg.
Which is as exciting as it sounds.
Except for the fact he’s more interested in the cog hanging around her neck than Aggie herself. He’ll do anything to get his hands on it. Problem is other people want it, too.
Can this cyborg relinquish a priceless treasure for love?

Book Reviews

Elena Jet

Steampunk Cyborg5 star

Fascinating science fiction story with elements of adventure, excitement, sex and love. A fun fun story!55

veteran Rising

All it takes is one4 star

This book is a perfect mix of steampunk and alien worlds. What starts as a retrieval turns into a HEA that will make you smile. It may take a long journey bypassing bad guys and surviving Aggi’s snark, but there is enough laughter and happiness to keep you intrigued until the end. I can’t wait to read the next book.45


Unique, entertaining, and unexpected5 star

What a great first in series! It was action packed, unexpected, a roller coaster of emotions, and completely captivating. Jwls and Aggie are completely different, but their differences are part of what draws them together. Through danger and heat, the two individuals pull together and show how resilient they are together.55

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