The Bear's Chosen Mate

The Bear's Chosen Mate Summary

The stand alone first title in a brand-new shifter trilogy by New York Times bestselling authorVivian Arend.

Get mated—or else!
When their meddling, match-making family patriarch lays down the law, Giles Borealis’ three polar bear shifter grandsons agree to follow his edict. Only James, Alex and Cooper each have a vastly different plan in mind to deal with their impending mating fevers. Will any of them be able to fight fate?
Spoiler: not likely!
First up: James, the youngest of the brothers….
He’s going to accept his fate—but only with the woman he chooses!

Youngest brother James Borealis figures if he has to get mated, it should be with someone he already knows and cares about—his best friend Kaylee. But when the mating fever hits, she’s still stuck in friendshipland while he’s ready to move all the way to true love and forever.

Kaylee has heard about polar bear mating fever, but while James has held the starring role in her fantasies for a long time, she’s not about to leap into a permanent relationship that’s all wrong for him. He’s the PR powerhouse for Borealis Gems while she’s a quiet bobcat shifter with massive family baggage. He loves the spotlight; she wants to hide in quiet corners.

But mating fever knows best, and when the storm settles, there’s no use in arguing with a polar bear’s choice.

Book Reviews


Loved It3 star

I loved this book. The characters were fun to read about. I am looking forward to the rest of the series.35


The Bear’s Chosen Mate4 star

Humor and sex are the strengths of this book and the female protagonists are interesting. However, there are several typos throughout, and I dislike perpetuating the idea that grandparents get a say in their grandchildrens’ choice to partner, have kids, or otherwise and wish he didn’t get to be smug in the end. I didn’t really get James’ mom scolding him for behaving like an elephant. They’re most commonly known for their gentleness and intellect, and in many cultures symbolize strength and wisdom. There’s also a couple moments of questionable consent when Kaylee clearly tells James he needs to stop, but he grinds into her anyway. It’s also unclear if all humans know about shifters or just Amber, which would drastically change the feel of James’ auditorium speech about his “mate” and all the careless shifting and whatnot. In general a little more world building would go a long way. I was actually disappointed Kaylee took the wind out of James’ character development by instantly reversing his decision to resign.45


Find a mate or else4 star

The Borealis brothers have to find a mate or loose their company. They’ve decided to do what their grandfather demands but on their terms. James decides if he has to mate he wants his best friend Kaylee but she believes it could never work between them. James needs to prove it can and is willing to do anything for her. A fun and sexy romp in the fur I can’t wait for the next brother to fall.45


Choosing love5 star

Terrific! I love it when best friends take the plunge. For me, this is one of those romance stories that leave you with that breath of good warm feelings and you know when it ends you will read it again. James is determined and knows exactly who he wants. Kaylee is just as attracted to him but she second guesses herself. Great strong, independent and smart couple, great family their antics made me laugh. I absolutely love that the plot remains focused on them. James has set a very high standard for this series but I can’t wait to read about the next brother’s downfall, lol. Loved reading this from beginning to end, it’s fan yourself steamy 😊 and James is so patient and just the most love-able man and fierce, protective bear ever. Very well written! I received an advance review copy at no cost and without obligation from the author.55


Blown away5 star

Who knew Polar Bears could be so HOT. Not only are these shifters are hot but there are secrets, tension and a good fight or two. The perfect recipe for a good book. Vivian has done it again, I couldn’t put it down55


The Bears Chosen Mate5 star

This was a amazing read. This is book one in the series and was a amazing beginning. The storyline is exciting and full of adventure. The characters are amazing you well fall in love with them if you love a great shifter romance adventure then this story is for you.55


A Fun Read4 star

Vivian’s books always include a touch of humor and this new shifter world is no exception. James amd Kaylee are a friends to lovers story with Grandpa Giles supplying the urgency to speed fate along. I look forward to reading the next enemies to lovers story in the series.45


Really fun book5 star

This is Book 1 in the Borealis Bears series. Wow! James’s grandfather told the grandsons to get mated/married or else! James doesn’t plan on doing that but the polar bear mating fever may just change his mind. Then Kaylee, his best friend shows up at the worst time ever. Or is it? This was such a fun book and then add his grandfather to the story and it just gets better. I highly recommend this book if you want a fun romance to read. I voluntarily read and reviewed this book.55


Great summer read!4 star

I enjoyed this first book of the series featuring James and Kaylee. I liked the chemistry between the couple and with the rest of the supporting characters, especially Grandpa Giles (what a cagey guy). It was easy reading and look forward to the Alex and Cooper’s search for their mates, which may not be as far away as they think.45


Shifter’s world5 star

I cannot wait to read the rest of the saga!!! The introduction to the characters and their world was very smooth and the storyline and emotional conflict of the character is very easy to get attach!! You will love this book.55

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