The Picture of Dorian Gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray Summary

Dorian is a good-natured young man until he discovers the power of his own exceptional beauty. As he gradually sinks deep into a frivolous, glamorous world of selfish luxury, he apparently remains physically unchanged by the stresses of his corrupt lifestyle and untouched by age. But up in his attic, hidden behind a curtain, his portrait tells a different story.

Book Reviews

David Bowie Jr

My Review5 star

Absolute masterpiece. A higher level read than most people born in my generation might be used to. Masterful nonetheless. A Diamond in a world filled with excrement and filth.55


One of my favorite books5 star

I simply cannot get over how much I enjoy this classic. Each time I read it, I find something new in a character that I enjoy/relate to.55


kept me interested3 star

this book kept me interested with its dialogue but when it comes to the narrator, it bored me; especially on the 11th chapter.35


The Picture of Dorian Grey5 star

Utterly enthralled, I saw the movie when I was a child and it made such an impression on me that I had to read the book. There were so many things I had forgotten or had not been in the movie. A wonderful read about the dangers of vanity and sin.55


Óscar Wild thoughts4 star

I believe this book portrays many of the authors contradicting thoughts that he had upon society and him self, the plot is not the picture and it’s changing state but the character of Dorian Gray, also it has a great dialogue and many phrases that will make you thing and find a more profound meaning to the story.45

Chase E. Pyle

Wit and charm on every page4 star

Except chapter eleven. Read the beginning and end of chapter eleven, but skip everything in between. The rest of the book is delicious.45


The Picture of Dorian Grey5 star

Great book, fascinating story w/ parallels timelessly suited to our current era!55


Solid3 star

But not extraordinary35


New heights for long winded dull1 star

Long boring sections on the philosophy of something. The characters are one dimensional and often act without thought of even a hint of intelligence, H15


Enjoyed it5 star

I really enjoyed reading this. Couldn’t put it down once I started. There are some lengthy and tedious parts (like others have said), but this book was just so good. Loved the ending; it really got me thinking.55

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