The Witch of the North Pole

The Witch of the North Pole Summary

A heart-warming tale of Christmas, elves, Santa Claus…and a really mad witch.

There are many things Cinnamon Mercy Claus is struggling with this holiday season: the memories of long-forgotten holidays when the Christmas season was about family; that she’s just found out her grandfather is Santa Claus; and that her grandmother is a witch—who is bent on destroying Christmas for them all.

A dose of Hallmark-warmth mixed with crazy witch mayhem!

All books in this series are considered a clean read. There is no profanity.

The Witch of the North Pole can be read as a stand-alone, but it’s encouraged to continue on to the rest of the series. Whether it’s Christmas chaos or supernatural mysteries, Cinnamon Mercy Claus is never too far behind!

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