Time to Save a Cowboy

Time to Save a Cowboy Summary

Captivated by the story of a cowboy hanged as a horse thief in 1890, an independent, modern-day woman travels back in time with only thirty days to save an innocent man. 

Haunted by an old article about a man hanged over a hundred years ago, Mia Kellogg boards an old steam locomotive and plows right into the arms of the handsome cowboy Dusty Mann. Knowing time is of the essence, her problem is convincing her cowboy he's in danger?>

Dusty Mann works as a foreman but is determined to buy his own ranch.

He doesn't need a modern, straightforward woman to barrel into his life or knock his plans off track.

But Mia steals his heart—and then claims she's from the future.

TIME TO SAVE A COWBOY is a western romance that shows anything is possible when love is involved.

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Oma 3

Wonderful time travel story!4 star

Love when I find a new author. The story grabs you from the first pages and keeps you turning till the end. Mia is on a mini vacation with her cousin and aunt reliving the Wild West. Thinking of getting something to remember her trip she buys a ring at a old fashioned store. While paying a picture and a newspaper clipping from 1890 catches her eyes. The cowboy is handsome, but so sad he was hanged for stealing a horse. He didn’t look the type. The story and his face kept bothering her, it couldn’t be true. Boarding the train with her family she shows her cousin her ring and when she puts it on she feels funny, something isn’t right. The surroundings seemed a little different, it can’t be true! How in the world did she windup in the year 1890? Was it to save Dusty, the cowboy in the picture?45

Great5 star

Storyline believable and well explained. Love found a way.55

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