Untamed Summary

Two Marks Pack Rule: Always mate in pairs.
I caught her scent when I was on enforcer business. 
Knew she must be the one.
I brought my alpha back with me.
Because our bloodline mates in pairs. 
Two males for every she-wolf.
The one we’re going to spoil and protect.
Carry off to make a home together.
Just as soon as we convince her she belongs to us.

Book Reviews


Howling hot!5 star

Spanking hot from beginning to end. Couldn’t put it down. A sure fire winner.55

Jenniecat 1

Good5 star

It was a little bit to short.55

Reluctant Retiree

Great start to a new series!5 star

What a wonderful story to kick off the new series. The guys are intense and fascinating. The world building is everything you expect from these authors. Totally enjoyable to read.55


Book had a Good start1 star

At first I was intrigued. Her job, something I hadn’t yet read about in a shifter book but, actually makes sense. Female was portrayed as sexy, strong willed and confident. Her men, are also just as sexy, strong willed and confident. Powerful. Perfect compliments to each other. Then they meet and the story becomes stale and boring. The female is now weak and indecisive. The book had such potential. What happened? It took me several tries to finish, skipping pages along the way. In the end I was glad it was a short story. I don’t remember how much I paid for this book. I hope it was free.15


Good start3 star

I think this was a good opening to a series. It was a fast, sexy and emotional read. I will definitely be reading the next book.35


Will fate be denied, or can love triumph all?5 star

Untamed is the first book in the Two Marks series, a spin off of the Wolf Ranch series. Ben is from a special pack that mate in pairs, so when he smells his fated mate, he rushes back as quickly as possible with his Alpha, Gibson. Shelby has been burned before and is hesitant to mating both Ben and Gibson, but will fate be denied or will love triumph? While this book was previously released in an anthology, this was my first time reading Gibson, Ben, and Shelby, and I’m almost mad at myself for not reading them sooner! So good! So passionate, and while this was a shorter read, I still felt not just their connection, but my heart started to tug towards Shelby and some of the issues that she was facing. She’s such a strong character, ready to tackle anything that life throws her way, willing to help others no matter personal sacrifice, and I loved that her males just wanted to focus their love and attention back to her! Gib and Ben were two sides of the same coin, both protective and possessive and just wanting to focus on their mate. I loved that they were willing to give her what she needed, but were also willing to fight for what she couldn’t ask. I liked their connection, their passion, and I liked that this leads perfectly into a new series that I can’t wait to dig in to! Ms. Rose and Ms. Vale are both amazing authors that are immediate reads, and I adore their writing together! So excited for more!55

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