Villette Summary

This novel is based on the author's personal experience as a teacher in Brussels. It is a moving tale of repressed feelings and subjection to cruel circumstance and position, borne with heroic fortitude.

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Love it!5 star

I love this book and the heartwarming sadness that goes with it. To all the people worried about the french, I got one with translations in the back. I love how this book is typical for 19th century writing but also can easily change your opinion on characters. I love how even though I couldn’t relate to Lucy Snowe, I could understand what she was going through. In the last few chapters I really cried...that means a lot coming from me.55


Villette2 star

This title was completely unknown to me which was the reason I chose to read it and I found it a bit tedious. Typical of 19th century writing the prose is flowery and a little boring. Also, one needs at least basic French to understand the dialogue. Pass on this book unless you're doing a special study of The Brontes.25

Jo in VT

4.54 star

I loved this book but was annoyed at the amount of French in it. I had to keep switching between the book and the translator, copying and pasting. It would be great if iBooks had a translate feature within the app like it does for define. Still, I would definitely recommend if you are a fan of the Bronte sisters or Jane Austen. It is a very long book, so make sure you have plenty of time on the horizon to read it.45


Love it <35 star

This is without a doubt my favorite book. The characters and the plot are both interesting. It's very romantic and a bit sad.55

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